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How to Save Money on Your Wedding

How to Save Money on Your Wedding

Oh yes, the big day. The day everyone dreams of. Your wedding day.

We all dream of something extraordinary and special. Whether you want a big party or an intimate gathering, we all want our wedding to be a celebration of happiness and love. Rightfully so!

Everybody deserves to have that day be memorable and as exceptional as they want it to be. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to hold huge wedding parties where they can invite everyone they know. 

But we’re here to share with you all the ways you can save with inexpensive party decor ideas and ways to plan so you don’t end up in debt. 

1. Go digital.

The easiest and quickest way to eliminate an extra payment while planning a wedding on a budget is to go digital. This mostly goes for the invitations. While we love gorgeous paper suites and invitations, if you’re trying to save then this is the first thing to cut from our budget. You can send invites out completely free and in a couple of seconds instead of wasting paper and a lot of money. If you do want to capture your wedding day digital stationary, simply print one set out for photos and you’re good to go!

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2. Consider your venue.

But you can also save by not renting out a venue. Of course, that requires you to hold the wedding at your own home or a friend’s place. Which will be more trouble to get ready for the party, but that hard work is worth those few hundreds of dollars. If you choose to do this, you can also ask your closest friends and family members to help out, which is also much easier than doing it on your own. 

How to Save Money on a Wedding - DIY Decorations | Balsa Circle Blog

3. Get crafty with DIY decorations.

Decorating your venue (or home) is the next step where you can save some money. DIY projects are really important if you don’t want to be throwing money out the window.

If you make the decorations yourself then all you need is paper, glue, and string. These are the core elements for most of these pieces of décor and you can probably already tell that they are pretty cheap. Also, the best part is that they don’t require much skill to make. This can be your very first DIY project and you will still nail it.

Of course, balloons are a must. They’re fun, cheap and come in all shapes and sizes. You can easily create a garland for a dessert table or entry way with balloons. Keep in mind that like any DIY projects, this does take time so plan accordingly.

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4. Use disposable tableware.

For the reception, go with disposable tableware - you can buy plastic plates, spoons, forks and knives and it eliminates the risk of your guests breaking any kitchenware. It’s also the best choice if you plan on inviting children, as it takes away the worries of their parents.

How to Save Money on a Wedding - Make your own Dessert | Balsa Circle Blog

5. Make the food.

Cooking for your own wedding is also a great way to stay within your budget and create a better atmosphere for your party by having a homemade meal. You can do a BBQ, a potluck or simple grilling. Either way, people will be just as happy and the best part about it is that you can ask your friends to bring ingredients that they like.

Baking is also a good idea if you can’t afford to buy from a bakery. Cupcakes don’t take much time to make and are very cost-effective for larger guest lists. Keep frosting simple to save time. There are a ton of desserts that you can make which will be perfect for the occasion. Heart-shaped sugar cookies might just be the thing for you, and they make great edible favors too.

You can also ask your guests to bring drinks. This works best if someone in your friend group does beer brewing as a hobby, but it’s okay if that’s not the case. Not having to buy all the alcohol and soda will bring down the number of payments you have to make as well. Alternatively, if you are getting drinks then buying in bulk can save you some money so look into deals from stores like Costco or your local grocery store.

How to Save Money on a Wedding - Games | Balsa Circle Blog

6. Save on games.

And lastly, the games.

Games are a great way to make that special day even more memorable and let your guests get to know each other.

You can look up hundreds of games online, but a lot of them require accessories which are either hard to come by or are insanely expensive. Honestly, those games don’t belong to a wedding. There are a lot of great games you can find which only need people to play it, but the best ones are that involve the groom and bride. The most loved by guests is this one. Easy to play and is sure to bring laughter all around. We recently shared a backyard wedding with a great ice-breaker game where guests wrote advice for the couple on Jenga pieces. Fun and inexpensive!

Photo by Ben Rosett on Unsplash

This is how you plan a wedding on a budget while still having a unique party that reflects your personal style! With these tips, you may have more room in your budget for other things like a photographer. Make sure to share your money-saving tips with us or let us know in the comments if you have any questions about planning on a budget - we're here to help! 

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