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Inexpensive Centerpiece Ideas for your Party

Inexpensive Centerpiece Ideas for your Party

Have you ever fallen in love with a centerpiece look only to find out it’s going to cost more than your whole wedding budget? Not to worry, we have some tips and centerpiece ideas to help you save money on your flowers for your wedding, party, baby shower, or banquet!

Already planned your event? Make sure to share your centerpiece budget tips with us in the comments to help our creative community!

If you’ve decided on how much you’d like to spend on centerpieces, or floral arrangements in general, then you’re already well ahead in your party planning! If you’re not sure, often your florist can give you suggestions on how much a particular set of flowers will cost.

To offset the cost, ask if you can add filler flowers like baby’s breath or greenery which looks gorgeous no matter the season! You can also use silk flower bushes or garlands in place of real flowers or buy everything in bulk to cut down the costs. Here are a few of our favorite low-cost centerpiece ideas to try for your event tables!

Glass Bowl Centerpieces

Using glass bowls with vase fillers like acrylic ice or jelly water beads is one inexpensive way to decorate your tables. You can add any left over silk flowers on top or if your event is later in the evening, use floating candles to create a truly magical atmosphere.

Spray Painted Bottles

You can easily add a pop of color to your tables with this look. Ask your friends and family to collect a few wine bottles before the event and pick up a can or two of spray paint at your local craft store. The best part is that this look doesn’t need a lot of flowers, one or two will be enough. For extra sparkle, add glitter to the bottoms of the vases.

Inexpensive Centerpiece Ideas for your Party - Spray Painted Bottles |

Photo: via Pinterest 

Glass Vases or Mason Jars

For a modern rustic look, vary the heights and sizes of the mason jars or vases. Add filler flowers like baby’s breath and decorate with a cute matching ribbon. So easy!

Inexpensive Centerpiece Ideas for your Party - Rustic Modern Wedding |

Modern Succulent Terrariums

This look can be both a centerpiece and double as a wedding favor or place setting card holder, depending on the size of the terrarium. You can create the main piece with a glass bowl terrarium and sand, and then decorate the rest of the table with ready made real or artificial succulents already in pots that guests could take home.

3 pcs 3" Assorted Artificial Faux Realistic Small Echeveria Succulent Plants with Pots |

Outside the Box

How about something totally unique? Here you want to think about your theme. For example, if your wedding is travel-themed you can use old globes or travel books as centerpieces. Speaking of books, we love the idea of couples using their favorite books as centerpieces - just make sure your guests know not to take them home after the event!

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

We hope these centerpiece ideas inspires your event planning! Let us know in the in the comments what you thought or tag us @BalsaCircle or #BalsaCircle on Instagram with tips or questions! 

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