Today we're excited to share with you some centerpiece ideas and tips! We get a lot of questions about the "right" size a centerpiece should be, so we hope this will clear up the mystery and help you plan your perfect table decor!

According to, centerpieces should be under 12 inches tall or over 20 inches tall. Think of the layout of you venue and how guests will be seated. You’ll want to make sure the centerpieces do not block the view of guests sitting across from each other. For the head table or the sweetheart table, you’ll want to keep the centerpiece low to the table or create a floral arrangement that hangs over the table without obstructing the view. 

If you’re making the centerpieces with a team, the easiest place to organize your ideas is Pinterest. Simply create a board and pin your favorite ideas! You can also use organizing website apps like AirTable or Asana, especially if your event has a lot of vendors or out-of-town helpers to keep everyone on the same page.

How to Choose the Perfect Centerpiece for your Event |

Now that you’re gathering ideas, think about whether you’ll want tall or short centerpieces. It’s completely ok to mix the two and vary the heights of the items in your centerpiece. For example, if you’re using vases with bouquets then have a small, medium and tall vase/bouquet set in the center. If your vases are the same height, think about adding a stand underneath (or even log circles!) to give them a little height boost. Then add a few petals, votives, or LED candle cubes on the table. This will not only look inviting, but help the table look “complete”.

How to Choose the Perfect Centerpiece for your Event - Short Centerpieces |

Tall centerpieces are great for when you’d like your reception space to look bigger but still allow guests to talk to each other. In this case, use thinner vases like the Eiffel Towel design on a round table or a set of candle holders grouped on a rectangular table. Shorter centerpieces are perfect for areas of high traffic and of course, smaller tables. Think gorgeous silk flower garlands that run the length of the table - not only will your family and friends enjoy the beautiful greenery but they’ll be able to talk to each other with no issues!

How to Choose the Perfect Centerpiece for your Event - Garland as Centerpiece |

Hopefully, this gave you an idea of how to plan your centerpiece decorations! Don’t forget to consider the whole table as well, if you’re adding chargers, and how many tables you’ll need to decorate. The most important thing (besides your event budget!) is letting yourself be creative! Let us know your centerpiece plans or questions in the comments!

How to Choose the Perfect Centerpiece for your Event |

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