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5 AMAZING Balloon DIYs That Will Blow Your Mind

5 AMAZING Balloon DIYs That Will Blow Your Mind

There’s one thing everyone wants when they organize a party. For it to be memorable. You can do that in plenty of ways - by hiring a professional DJ, making sure everyone has a blast and just generally providing your guests with everything their heart desires. 

One way to do it is with decorations. And what’s the best and cheapest way to decorate a party? Balloons!

5 AMAZING Balloon DIYs That Will Blow Your Mind - Painted Balloons | Balsa Circle Blog

Photo: Sofiya Levchenko on Unsplash


This method is the easiest and quickest way to decorate a balloon. And there’s a lot of ways you can do it, all of which end up being pretty awesome.

What you need:

  • A balloon
  • Acrylic paint
  • A paint brush

You simply choose your balloons (the color doesn’t really matter, but white works the best) and you paint the balloons. There’s no need to paint perfect brush strokes - the more abstract, the more wild and fun your balloons will look. You can even do some finger painting by splashing paint on with your hands. Just make sure to do it somewhere where you don’t get paint on other things, or do it on newspapers.

Then there’s the inside splattering where you blow up the balloon and put some paint flow inside. After that, you can roll it around and make the paint go all over the place. (Note: this method works best when you use several colors.)

You can also make your balloon look patterned by painting small things on it repeatedly. Hearts, cakes, smilies or basically anything. Just make the color of the balloon is very different from the paint - use contrasting colors to make your pattern stand out.

5 AMAZING Balloon DIYs That Will Blow Your Mind - Clouds | Balsa Circle

Heavenly Clouds

You can create clouds from balloons! Who knew?

This only works for really specific parties, but the kids love it. After all, they have a cloud inside a house. It blows their mind and that’s the best part of this DIY.

What you need:

  • A lot of balloons
  • Glue
  • Cotton
  • Crepe paper

First of all, find someone to do this with. It’s not easy to cover up all the balloons in crepe paper and shape them alone. Use plenty of glue and shape your cloud as you go (a quick tip: most clouds look best if their bottom is straight, put the humps on top). Then once you have a solid base you can start covering it up with cotton. Make sure you don’t miss any spots.

The best outcomes happen when you take big blobs of cotton and stick them up that way instead of trying to evenly spread it all out.

5 AMAZING Balloon DIYs That Will Blow Your Mind | Balsa Circle Blog

Gluing things on

This can seriously mean anything. Ribbons, pompoms or even wrapped candy, whatever floats your boat! All you need to do is make sure that these things are colorful, so they pop (not the balloon, the colors).

What you need:

  • A white balloon
  • Glue
  • Anything colorful

The most love version of ‘anything’ are wrapped sweets. Imagine walking around a party and being able to pick candy from balloons, sounds pretty good doesn’t it?


One of the most spectacular ways of using balloons is by stuffing other things inside them. It’s a unique look that would make a great centerpiece and an amazing pieces of decoration.

What you need:

First you need to stretch out your balloon, as they don’t expand as much when the first thing you do is blow them up. Once that’s done you need to open it up by the mouth and put what you want in it if it’s small enough. Then you can blow it up. If the item you’re putting inside doesn’t fit while the balloon isn’t inflated then you switch up the last two steps.

Some ideas of what to put in balloons:

  • Small teddy bears other plushies
  • Other balloons (balloon-ception!)
  • Confetti
  • Any item that lights up upon impact

This is one of the easiest, but funnest way to to something with a balloon. Oh, and of course, kids love this the most!

Photo: the house that lars built // Isabelle Style Blog 


Something straight out of Willy Wonka’s factory: giant lollipops stuck in the ground all over the place. It’s perfect for kids’ birthday parties.

What you need:

  • A Mylar foil balloon (they reflect light like hard candy)
  • Clear plastic wrap
  • Striped pole
  • A ribbon

This process is simple, you attach the balloon to the pole, then put the plastic wrap on it, like you would on a lollipop. After that you just need to tie it right below the balloon with the ribbon. You can also use our candy balloon kits to get a similar look. And there you have it! A giant lollipop you can stick in your garden for your child’s birthday.

5 AMAZING Balloon DIYs That Will Blow Your Mind - Lollipop Balloons | Balsa Circle Blog

We hope these DIYs inspire your next party theme! Make sure to share your balloon decor ideas with us or let us know in the comments if you have any questions about party planning - we're here to help! 

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