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Decorating Ideas to Make Your Day More Memorable

Decorating Ideas to Make Your Day More Memorable

From birthday parties to weddings, if you’ve ever planned a special event then you know that the process can be overwhelming. That’s why this week, we’re focusing on the details that make events truly memorable. If you’ve already planned through the big items, these little tips are sure to make your day more unique. If not, we have a great post about event planning basics you can check out here.

Chair Decor

Try adding greenery swags and mix and match ribbons and bows with greenery. Fresh flowers might be too fragile for that purpose. If you use fresh flowers and arrange them yourself, it is best to arrange them just after the rehearsal dinner in order to maintain the vivid appearance of the decorations. In this instance, you can ask your friends and family to help. 

To make your wedding more personal, you can decorate every second chair or pew with your framed pictures. You can use pictures of the couple from their engagement shoot or photos of sweet family/friends memories. 

Using tulle or shimmering organza, swag the fabric to each or every other chair starting at the front and working down the aisles (both sides) to the back or last row of chairs. Then at each chair, gather the fabric and tie it with a small rubber band, place a bow in your colors/theme on top for a unified effect. If your wedding ceremony is indoors or in a church setting then instead of pew bows, use pew markers, which come in a variety of shapes and colors. After the ceremony they could be taken from the pew to decorate either the backs of the head table and chairs, used as centerpieces for the guest tables or placed on the gift or buffet tables as well. 

Balsa Circle Unique Party Ideas | Custom Drinks

Custom Drinks

You’ve no doubt heard about custom hashtags, but how about custom drinks just for your guests? With the recent rise in mocktails, there are so many fun recipes! You can also replace champagne with soda in boozy drinks, like in this recipe for Spiced Apple Cider Spritzers from Making Thyme for Health. To make it personal, tailor the drink to the couple, or the person you’re celebrating. It’s also a fun way to add to your theme if you have one. For example, serving pineapple flavored drinks for a tropical party or warm pumpkin spice drinks for an autumn get togethers. 

Decorating Ideas to Make Your Day More Memorable - Flowers | Balsa Circle Blog


Use small wreaths or candle rings for centerpieces - this is especially great if you have a large guest list. Floral arrangements and vibrant wreaths can be used to make your event entrance more charming and inviting. If you are planning ahead, using silk flowers may be the best option because the flowers won’t wilt. 

For a festive touch, add cinnamon sticks in flowers. Cinnamon can also be used after the ceremony to decorate the cake table or the head table at the reception. 

No vases? No problem! Consider using containers like perfume bottles, mason jars, milk bottles, or even planter boxes for your flowers. Vintage tea cups or tea pots can also be used to add a bit of fun to your table decorations!

Decorating Ideas to Make Your Day More Memorable - Lighting | Balsa Circle Blog


Lighting can definitely make an event more unique. If you’re already using candles in your decor, then keep the theme going by adding fairy light garlands. You can instantly transform any space by hanging garlands or adding LEDs inside vases, balloons, and creating that romantic glow. 

Decorating Ideas to Make Your Day More Memorable - Aisle | Balsa Circle Blog


You can personalize your aisle runner by adding a saying on it. For an example, “Wherever You Go, I Will Follow”, “Wherever The Road May Lead”, “I have found the one my heart loves...” or “I Promise You All My Life…” You can do it by sewing it on or by using stencils. If you want to have elaborate aisle runner, you can use spray adhesive and glue on silk flowers along the edges. 

For a minimalist look, simply adding LED candles will look gorgeous. Continue the line of candles up to the ceremony arch or backdrop for a magical nighttime photo!

Decorating Ideas to Make Your Day More Memorable - Candle Holders | Balsa Circle Blog


The most favored centerpieces are cake stands and… candleholders. Yes, people still love them and for a good reason. They are shiny by themselves, but once the light from the fire hits their metallic coat it’s almost magical. So, choose a gold-colored candle holder that has glass containers. Once the candle melts we can still see the rest of it (this is also a great way to play with colors, so make sure you choose a candle that goes well with your holder). You can also use LED candles or fairy lights if you prefer.

We hope you found these ideas helpful! If you have more tips on how you've made your celebration memorable, please share it with us in the comments, email us at [email protected] or tag us on Instagram @BalsaCircle.

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