Balsa Circle

12" wide 10 pcs Brushed Silver Metal Mosaic Tiles Wall Panels

$41.99 $59.29

Affordable self-adhesive 3D brushed metal wall tiles with glass accents for your party or home decor from Balsa Circle! The easy to install peel and stick panels can be used to upgrade your existing wall, room or backdrop. These panels can be used to build visually striking feature walls, cover damaged walls or enhance the look of your ceilings.

Each order is for 10 (ten) panels.
Measurements per each panel:
Height: approx. 12".
Width: approx. 12".
Thickness: 1/8".
Total area covered is 10 sq. ft.
Material: Brushed metal and glass accents.
Peel and stick to apply.
Other decorations are not included.