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3 Round Metal Wall Planters Half Moon Floating Shelves

$39.99 $55.99

This set of hanging wall planters with clear acrylic panels in the front is a great choice for creating an eye-catching metal accent on your walls. Perfect for adding a modern touch to your living space! Use these stylish floating shelves to showcase your small artificial greenery, plants, flowers, gravel, pebbles, sand art and more! Hang them on walls in your bedroom, living room, kitchen or anywhere you like. These multipurpose floating wall planters are just the perfect picks if you like to create a contemporary design for your home. Also a great gifting idea.

Each order is for three (3) wall planters.
There are 3 different sizes.
Large shelf: approx. 12 inches wide with 6 inches wide acrylic panel.
Medium shelf: approx. 8 inches wide with 4 inches wide acrylic panel.
Small shelf: approx. 6 inches with 3 inches wide acrylic panel.
Metal and acrylic panel thickness: approx. 2mm.
Planters depth: approx. 2 inches.
Screw hole diameter: approx. 0.25 inch.
3 screw holes at the back for hanging.
Material: Metal and acrylic.
With tools bag containing 1 extra screw and 1 extra drywall anchor.
Small assembly is required.
Please note that this planter is not designed for water.
Only artificial plants and flowers should be used.
Pebbles, sand, flowers and other decorations are not included.