Summer is around the corner and so is graduation season! So we’re back with a tutorial that was highly requested – how to set up our Balloon Stand Kit! This kit will help you create the perfect balloon arch so it's perfect for graduation ceremonies, receptions and trade shows! The kit comes with two square bases, connectors and long tubes so there’s not a lot of fuss with this set up. It’s light and plastic but we do recommend adding water or sand to the bases to make it stable. Once it’s set up, the max height is 9ft and you can place the bases 19ft apart, so you may need a friend to help you move or add finishing touches.

Now you’ll just need to add balloons and you’re good to go! We’d love to do a balloon tutorial as well – with so many colors to choose from, the possibilities are endless! Let us know in the comments what you’d like to see us make!

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