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Silver Stainless Steel Sun Shade Sail Installation Tools Kit

$12.59 $18.13

Whether for events or home use, these functional sun shade sail installation tools will help to easily transform any outdoor space into a cool retreat. This set of tools is created from heavy duty stainless steel that will provide firm support for most kinds of sunshade sail. With this installation kit, you can hang your shade sail over your patios, backyard, garden or swimming pool with ease and convenience. This handy set of tools is great for setting up your sun shade sail during your summer getaways, beach weddings, picnics, bbq parties or any outdoor gatherings.

Each order is for one (1) bag of sun shade sail installation tools.
There are 2 double hook turnbuckles, 2 snap hooks, 4 diamond wall hangers, 16 screws and 16 wall anchors per bag.
Turnbuckle size: approx. 5.75 inches long.
Turnbuckle extended length: approx. up to 9.25 inches.
Adjustable turnbuckle to create tension.
This set can support square, rectangle or most types of sunshade sails.
Material: Stainless steel.
Sunshade sails and other decorations are not included.