Balsa Circle

Sequined Flowers on Lace Table Runner

$7.99 $11.69

Enhance your special day with your reception accented with these sequined flowers lace runners. Elegant soft lace with sequined floral pattern table runners are perfect for any romantic event. Together with your beautiful centerpieces and table setting, this high-quality fabric will create an inviting ambiance for your guests. Dress up your reception with ease or make your dinner tables look truly special with table runners from Balsa Circle!

Each order is for one (1) lace table runner.
Width: approx. 14 inches.
Length: approx. 108 inches.
Each runner will drop 24" from each side of a standard 60" wide table.
Material: Lace netting with flowers and sequin accents.
Dry clean only. Surged edges.
Other decorations are not included.