Balsa Circle

Red Green Blue Sound Activated LED Stage Spotlight

$9.49 $13.79

This LED Light lets you take the party with you! With our magic LED lighting ball, you can create magic with special strobe lighting effects, simply plug in this LED ball in and marvel at the dazzling streaks of colored light projecting onto the walls, ceiling and floor.

Each order is for one (1) LED spotlight.
3 Colors: red, blue, green.
Size: approx. 3.65" wide x 4" tall.
35" long power cord is included.
Color cycles: red >> red + green >> green >> green + blue >> blue >> all 3 colors >> red and repeat.
Cannot do single color.
Comes with 1 leg and 2 screws.
Assembly required.
There is no on / off button, it'll turn on as soon as plugged in.
Design moves in counterclockwise motion.
Sound activated: it will blink when there is a loud noise.
Additional decorations are not included.

Whether you're celebrating at home or at a club this spotlight will create a party atmosphere!