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Photography Video Studio Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit with Arm Softbox

$165.99 $232.89

Our continuous lighting kit with umbrellas can ideally be used for portraits and videos! Entire kit sets up in minutes; and is very easy to assemble, operate and disassemble. You can easily fit it in a handy travel bag. Continuous lighting uses a constant light source to light your subject, meaning that your lights will stay on during the entirety of your photo shoot and recommended for beginners.


Light Stands:
High quality stands adjustable from 53" to 100" in height.
Quantity: 2 pcs.
Material: die-cast aluminum construction.

Softbox Light Holder:
Operated with 4 day light studio light bulbs.
Built-in control handle to protect you from hot light body during operation.
Work with 110-120v.
Quantity: 3 pcs.

Photography Boom Stand, Boom Arm & Sandbag:
Industrial Standard Mounting Tip: 3/8 thread tip.
Length of Arm: Min 30" - Max 55".
Linght of Tripod: Min 30" - Max 88".
Quantity: 1 pc.

27"x20" Photo Studio Softbox Reflector with Holder:
Silver internal face: minimize light loss and maximize light spread.
External snow white cover.
2 Levels light control available.
Quantity: 3 pcs.

6500k Daylight Full Spectrum Light Bulbs:
45W Fluorescent daylight balanced photo light bulbs.
Incandescent equivalent: 200 Watt.
Total system output is 600 Watt.
Color Temperature: 6500K.
Lamp Tone: Day Light.
Regular screw base.
UL listed, Energy Star compliant.
Quantity: 12 pcs.

Heavy duty carry case bag.
Quantity: 1 bag per order.