Balsa Circle

Metallic 3x6 feet Curly Foil Tassels Fringe Backdrop Curtains

$3.99 $6.09

Create a dazzling look for your party decor with metallic fringe curtains! Featuring strings of wavy foil, this curtain with easy-to-peel-off adhesive tape can be easily applied to your walls. Great as backdrops for weddings, parties or events or simply as a decoration for your home. Match with other party decorations such as balloons, LED or fairy lights for a truly magnificent party setting.

Each order is for one (1) curtain.
Height: approx. 6 feet.
Width: approx. 3 feet.
Total area covered: approx. 18 square feet.
Comes with peel-off adhesive tape at the top edge.
Material: Foil.
Curtain rods, garlands and Ooher decorations are not included.