Balsa Circle

Gold Globe Ring Hanging Candle Holder Centerpiece

$10.49 $15.19

This simple yet attractive candle holder with foldable globe ring design is versatile and easy to pair with other tabletop decorations. Although it is designed as a candle holder, it can also encase flowers or garland for an entirely unique look. This globe ring styled holder will complement any table, entryway, dining room or anywhere else with a fun, fancy touch of light. It is perfect for weddings, events, and parties as hanging decorations, or simply as decorative pieces for your home.

Each order is for one (1) candle holder.

Height: approx. 8 inches.
Ring diameter: approx. 7 - 8  inches.
Candle tray diameter: approx. 3 inches.

Height: approx. 12 inches.
Ring diameter: approx. 11.25 - 12  inches.
Candle tray diameter: approx. 4.25 inches.

Height: approx. 18 inches.
Ring diameter: approx. 16.5 - 18  inches.
Candle tray diameter: approx. 5 inches.

Height: approx. 24 inches.
Ring diameter: approx. 22.5 - 24.5  inches.
Candle tray diameter: approx. 5.75 inches.
Metal ring thickness: approx. 1mm.
4 rings move horizontally and 1 ring move vertically.
Candle tray is removable.
Material: Metal.
Other decorations are not included.