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Gold 7 feet Metal Round Top Geometric Wedding Backdrop Stand

$139.99 $196.49

This geometric backdrop stand will help you set the scene for your parties, weddings, birthdays, bridal showers or any special occasions. Featuring sturdy metal with a round top, gold finish and film accents, this backdrop stand will create a modern look for your event or home decorations. Decorate it with your gorgeous flower garlands, LED lights, balloons or any arch decor you like. It can also be used as background decor for photo shoots or for your photography studio. The possibilities are endless!

Each order is for one (1) backdrop stand with a bag of accessories.
Height: approx. 7 feet.
Length: approx. 3.3 feet.
Width: approx. 1.75 feet.
Base leg size: approx. 0.75 inch tall x 20 inches long x 0.75 inch wide.
Top: approx. 29.75 inches tall x 39.15 inches wide.
Middle: approx. 29 inches tall x 39.15 inches wide.
Bottom: approx. 27.5 inches tall x 39.15 inches wide.
Each stand is shipped in 5 separate parts: 2 base legs, 1 top, 1 middle, 1 bottom and 4 film inserts.
Material: Metal.
The bag of accessories includes 39 magnets, 1 screwdriver and assembly instructions.
Use a soft cloth to clean and dry.
Flowers and other decorations are not included.