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Clear Lightweight Face Shield Protective Covers with Soft Foam and Elastic Band

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This face shield is created from clear PET material and hypoallergenic foam that can absorb sweat. It is designed to cover all sides of your face with an elastic band that makes it comfortable and easy to wear. Very lightweight, this wrap-around protective face shield will surely protect you from germs, dust, sneezing droplets or any splashes. It also provides enough space for other protective face covers like masks or safety eye goggles.

Each order is for one (1) face shield.
Length: approx. 13 inches.
Width: approx. 9 inches.
Thickness: approx. 0.3mm.
Double-sided anti-fog.
Fiberglass and latex free.
Material: PET and hypoallergenic foam.
Comfortable, lightweight and easy to use.
Each shield comes with front and back protective films. Please remove them before use.

PLEASE NOTE: Any returns / exchanges on this product are NOT accepted. These are NOT considered medical grade and should not be used in hospital settings.