Balsa Circle

90 x 132 inch Dark Blue Faux Denim Polyester Rectangular Tablecloth

$25.99 $36.89

Decorate your tables with our lovely brand new dark blue polyester rectangular tablecloths from Balsa Circle! This denim like fabric is adorned with orange thread seams on all edges. Our affordable tablecloths will allow you to dress up the tables and location into a completely different environment without resorting to expensive methods. These denim blue solid color polyester tablecloths are perfect for decorating your tables with for any rustic holiday entertaining, parties, gatherings, birthdays, special occasions. 

Each order is for 1 rectangular tablecloth.
Width: approx. 90 inches.
Length: approx. 132 inches.
Orange sewn seams on edges.
Material: Polyester.
Fabric Care: Machine washes cold, gentle cycle with like colors only.
Tumble dry low, warm iron when needed.
Other decorations are not included.