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60 x 126 inch Crinkled Crushed Taffeta Rectangular Tablecloth

$10.28 $14.89

Decorate your tables with our lovely Brand New Taffeta Crinkle Rectangular Tablecloths!

Great for everyday, perfect for special occasions or events when you need an extra table, this tablecloth with texture beautifully dresses up your not-so-beautiful table - in an instant. Simple, practical elegance is your solution for transforming ugly duckling of a table into a chic place to serve.
Available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Each Tablecloth measures 60" x 126".
Material: Taffeta Crinkle, stain and wrinkle resistant.
Edges are folded and then hemmed.
Sizing: This tablecloths will give you a 15" overhang on a 8' x 30" wide banquet table, half way down.