Balsa Circle

60 inch x 5 ft Round Fitted Spandex Tablecloth

$17.99 $25.69

Decorate your tables with our lovely Brand New Spandex Fitted Table Covers and set a particularly welcoming tabletop for your wedding reception or party!

Whether it's a grand party or just a social gathering with friend and family, our table covers will be perfect for your event. Available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Specially made to fit a 60" table that seats 8. However, it will also fit the smaller 48" or the larger 66".
It can also fit a 72" wide table, but the limits of the fabric will be pushed. It could work, but there is risk of tearing the fabric. It will fit on the smaller 36 - 40" tables as well, but the really tight spandex look will be lost, so it's not recommended.
Material: High Quality Spandex Fabric.
Hand wash, dry cleaners only. Do not bleach.