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6 Clear Trays with 3 Square Condiment Containers and Spoons Set

$4.09 $6.23

These practical condiment serving trays are the perfect way to serve your guests in style at your next party! Featuring clear plastic trays with 3 square containers and coordinating mini spoons, these functional mini trays will showcase your sauces, spices, nuts, toppings or anything you can think of with organized efficiency. Perfect for everyday use at your home kitchen, dining tables or for displaying place cards on your tabletops. Whether for weddings, parties, events or any special occasions, these trays will be most useful ever!

Each order is for six (6) sets of condiment trays.
There are 1 tray, 3 square containers and 3 cute spoons per each set.
Total order is for 6 trays, 18 containers and 18 spoons.
Tray size: approx. 5 inches long x 2 inches wide x 1 inch tall.
Square container: approx. 1.5 inch long x 1.5 inch wide.
Square container capacity: approx. 1 oz.
Spoon size: approx. 3 inches long x 0.75 inch wide.
Thickness: approx. 1mm.
Material: Plastic.
Each square container can be separated from the tray.
Other decorations are not included.