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6 Assorted Oval Plastic Food Baskets with 50 Wax Paper Liners

$9.99 $14.49

Serve your food and snacks in these colorful and multifunctional plastic food baskets. This set of oval-shaped food baskets comes with high-quality, food-safe, thick and durable kraft paper sheets that are grease-resistant. A convenient way to serve combos and platters for your guests. The paper liners will reduce mess and are disposable so you can simply throw them away after use. These food serving baskets are a perfect addition to your buffet tables for birthdays, weddings parties and events and can even function as organizers of small items in your home. The possibilities are endless!

Each order is for six (6) food baskets with 50 paper liners.
Height: approx. 1.6 inch.
Width: approx. 6 inches.
Length: approx. 9.5 inches.
Paper liner size: approx. 10 x 10 inches.
Paper thickness: approx. 40 GSM.
Material: Plastic and kraft wax paper.
Cups, plates and other decorations are not included.