Balsa Circle

6 Assorted Butterfly Mylar Foil Balloons

$6.99 $10.29


Add a personalized touch to your party with our charming butterfly-shaped balloons! This set of mylar foil balloons is the perfect addition to any colorful party decorations and an excellent choice for creating an outstanding and unique photo background. Combine them with other balloons and decorative supplies to infuse life and fun into your celebration, and see where your imagination takes you.

Each order is for six (6) balloons.
3 different sizes.
4 small inflated balloons: approx. 17 inches tall x 21 inches wide.
Uninflated balloons: approx.  21.6 inches tall x 28.3 inches wide. 
1 inflated medium balloon: approx. 21 inches tall x 23 inches wide.
Uninflated balloons approx. 28.3 inches tall x 30.7 inches wide.
1 large balloons: approx. 26 inches tall x 28 inches wide.
Uninflated balloons approx. 33.5 inches tall x 37.8 inches wide.
Material: Mylar foil.
These balloons are shipped uninflated.
Flowers and other decorations are not included.