Balsa Circle

5x5 feet Cotton Decorative Fishnet Wall Table Party Decorations

$5.49 $8.19

Give any room a nautical touch with this rustic fishing net decor. Perfect as wall or table decoration, this versatile decorative fishnet will complete the set up of your sea-side events, mermaid parties, birthdays, beach weddings, poolside celebration and more. Use it as a table cover or place it atop your table linens to complete the look of your dining decorations. Hang it from ceilings, balloon arches or walls to create impressive photo backdrops for your parties or simply use it in your living room to elevate the look of your centerpieces and liven up the atmosphere with a fun get-away right in your home. The possibilities are endless!

Each order is for one (1) decorative fishnet.
Measurements when fully stretched:
Width : approx. 5 feet.
Length: approx. 5 feet.
Grid size: approx. 1.9" x 1.9".
Each end is tied when shipped. Untie to get the full length.
Material: Cotton.
Balloons and other decorations are not included.