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50 Gold with Clear Triangle Cake Slice Boxes Plastic Party Favor Holders

$8.99 $13.09


These stylish cake boxes are great as take-home cake boxes for your guests. Featuring a metallic base with a clear cover that makes it easy to see the contents of the box. Just perfect to showcase your cake slices, mini cupcakes, muffins, cookies or any of your baked creations. Complete the look of these favor holders by topping them off with charms, ribbons, stickers, labels or anything you can think of. Perfect for adding a decorative touch to your events or party dessert tables.

Each order is for fifty (50) cake slice boxes.
Height: approx. 2.5 inches.
Length: approx. 5.75 inches.
Width: approx. 4.5 inches.
Inner size: approx. 2 inches tall x 5.5 inches long x 4 inches wide.
Base: approx. 0.5 inch tall x 5.5 inches long x 4.25 inches wide.
Material: Plastic.
The lid and base do not snap lock. We suggest using stickers or transparent tape for better sealing.
Ribbons, stickers and other decorations are not included.