Balsa Circle

5 Unscented 9 in Premium Wax Taper Candles with Ribbed Design

$9.99 $14.49

Accent your special day with our charming premium wax taper candles! Candles are magical at weddings, dinner parties and seasonal events as they light your world with flickering light. These candles allow longer hours of providing a calm and cozy atmosphere to any space or setting. Place them on your elegant candle stands or holders, candelabras or secure them with glass shades and then match them with your gorgeous flower arrangements to elevate the look of your party or home decorations.

Each order is for five (5) candles.
Height: approx. 9.25 inches.
Diameter: approx. 0.65 inch.
Burn time: approx. 5-7 hours.
Material: Wax.
Will fit into any standard taper candle holders.
Flowers, candle holders and other decorations are not included.