Balsa Circle

5 pcs Metal Round Hoops Hanging Wreaths Rings

$15.99 $22.89

These simple yet attractive metal hanging hoops are versatile and easy to match with other party or home decorations. Featuring high-quality metal with an elegant finish, these hoops will create a modern minimalist decor in an instant. Accent with your green plants or gorgeous flowers or garlands and afterwards, hang them anywhere you would like to add a magical refreshing touch. The styling possibilities are endless!

Each order is for five (5) metal hoops.
There are different sizes.
Extra small hoop: approx. 7 inches wide.
Small hoop: approx. 8 inches wide.
Medium hoop: approx. 9 inches wide.
Large hoop: approx. 10 inches wide.
Extra-large hoop: approx. 12 inches wide.
Thickness: approx. 4mm.
Material: Metal.
Other decorations are not included.