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5 Clear Cylinder Acrylic Stands Display Boxes Pedestal Riser Columns

$379.99 $489.59

Stay stylish in any setting with eye-catching clear acrylic display stands! These transparent multipurpose stands with hanging hooks are perfect for making a unique presentation of your lovely decorations. Create your centerpiece design by pairing them with your beaded chains or any small hanging accents, charming flower arrangements, candles or LED decors, and anything you can think of. Perfect for weddings, parties, events or even in your own home. The possibilities are endless!

Each order is for five (5) display stands.
There are different sizes.
Extra small stand: approx. 19.5 inches tall x 11 inches wide.
Small stand: approx. 21.5 inches tall x 12 inches wide.
Medium stand: approx. 23.5 inches tall x 12.5 inches wide.
Large stand: approx. 29.5 inches tall x 14 inches wide.
Extra large stand: approx. 35.5 inches tall x 16 inches wide.
Thickness: approx. 4mm.
Hook thickness: approx. 0.25 inch.
4 hooks per stand.
Material: Acrylic.
Hanging chains, flowers and other decorations are not included.