Balsa Circle

42-126 in long Gold Adjustable Curtain Rod Set with Crystal Finials

$26.99 $38.29

Slender and stylish, this adjustable curtain rod set from BalsaCircle is perfect for displaying your home window curtains! Featuring a set of three 42" long rods that can be attached together to cover a 126" wide windows, this metal drapery rods set features an adjustable telescopic width that makes it easy to fit your space. The removable crystal finials add a simple but sophisticated finishing touches to your party, event or home windows decorations. With colors to choose from, this design is sure to complement both space and color palette of the room.

Each order is for one (1) set of adjustable curtain rods.
3 telescopic rods, 2 finials, 3 brackets, 6 anchors and 6 screws per each set.
Individual rod length: approx. 42 inches.
Maximum rod length when attached together: approx. 126 inches.
Rod diameter: approx. 1 inch.
Finials size: approx. 3 inches long x 2.25 inches wide.
Weight capacity: up to 15 lbs.
Material: Metal alloy with plating finish.
Step by step Installation instructions to make the hassle free setting up the curtain rods are included.
Other decorations are not included.
The finials are removable.
Each rod in the 42"-126" triple rod set comes in three sections, with one section nested inside another for shipping efficiency. To fully extend the rods, simply pull the nested section out.