Balsa Circle

4 pcs Heavy Duty Sand Weight Saddle Bags for Photo Video Backdrops Studio Stands

$15.99 $22.89

Our versatile striped sandbags with saddlebag design can be efficiently used to add stability to backdrops, tripod, light stands, umbrellas, reflectors and boom arms! The bags come empty and can easily be filled with sand, rice, rocks, steel shot or pea gravel to add weight. Sandbags are useful in the studio or for your special events to help stabilize your backdrop or lighting equipment.

Each order is for 4 bags.
Each bag comes with 2 pockets and 1 handle.
Each pocket measures approx. 10" wide x 20" tall.
Closure type - Double zipper.
Weight capacity approx. 15 lbs.
Heavy duty handle makes using these sandbags simple.
Material: Polyester Nylon.
Other decorations are sold separately.

PLEASE NOTE: Sandbags are empty and do not come prefilled with sand or weights.