Balsa Circle

4 pcs Assorted Silk Flowers Wall Backdrop Panels

$73.99 $104.09

Create a dazzling atmosphere with silk flowers backdrop panels from Balsa Circle! Silk flowers backdrop panels are perfect for creating a charming atmosphere for weddings, parties, events and trade show booths. Use it at home after the event is over - this garland backdrop is easy to store and use for multiple events! The lattice like frame on the back of each flower wall panel allows them to be easily hung, mounted and connected together.

Each order is for four (4) backdrop panels.
Total area covered by 4 panels is 13 square feet.
Number of panels required:
8x8 ft wall - 19 panels
9x9 ft wall - 24 panels
10x10 ft wall - 30 panels.
Measurements per each panel:
Height: approx. 26".
Width: approx. 19".
Depth: approx. 2.5".
There are approx. 55 begonias, 2 roses, 2 peonies and 2 hydrangeas flowers in total.
40 clear zip ties are included.
Material: Silk flowers. 
UV and Fire Treated.
Backdrop stand is NOT included, it is sold separately.