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4 Fitted Matte Spandex Round Top Wedding Arch Backdrop Stand Covers Set

$49.99 $70.99

These spandex backdrop stand covers will help you set the scene for your parties, weddings, birthdays, bridal showers and events. Featuring a matte look on both sides, these stretchable fabrics will add elegance to your round-top wedding arch or backdrop stand decorations. Perfect for creating a customized party banner, photo booth decor, background for a video shoot or addition to your digital photography studio setup. The possibilities are endless! Match them with your LED lights, balloons, garlands and flowers to set the mood for your special occasions and make your party one to remember.

Each order is for four (4) backdrop stand covers.
Large cover: approx. 6.8 feet tall x 3.3 feet wide.
Medium cover: approx. 6 feet tall x 2.6 feet wide.
Small cover: approx. 5 feet tall x 2 feet wide.
Extra small cover: approx. 4 feet tall x 1.6 feet wide.
Custom-fit for our round-top metal wedding arches.
Double-sided matte look. These fabrics will cover both sides of the backdrop stand.
Material: Spandex.
Balloons, wedding arches, flowers and other decorations are not included.