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3 Green 9 in long Rectangle Wet Foam Floral Bricks

$9.99 $11.69

Express your creativity and make your floral arrangements stand out with this set of green rectangular wet foam bricks! Ideal base for both fresh or faux flowers, plants and other greenery. These floral bricks are made from high-quality styrofoam that can absorb water, keeping the refreshing look of your natural flowers. Match them with your gorgeous vases or place in rustic planter boxes and afterwards, top with your decorative faux grasses for a truly impressive masterpiece. The possibilities are endless!

Each order is for three (3) wet foam bricks.
Length: approx. 9 inches.
Width: approx. 3 inches.
Thickness: approx. 4.25 inches.
Material: Styrofoam.
Lightweight and can absorb water.
Other decorations are not included.