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3 Gold Candlestick Stands 3-Disk Design Taper Candle Holders Set

$29.99 $42.49

This set of metal taper candle holders is the perfect pick to create a romantic ambiance in any room or space. Stylish and elegant, these candle holders are an ideal addition to your wedding or party decorations. Each candlestick is designed with a metallic look, a 3-disk design and a sturdy round base. Perfect centerpieces for your event tables and a great addition to your modern home decor. This set of candle holders is also great for gifting.

Each order is for three (3) candle holders.
Large candle holder: approx. 12.75 inches tall.
Medium candle holder: approx. 10.5 inches tall.
Small candle holder: approx. 9 inches tall.
Candle holder diameter: approx. 23mm.
Depth: approx. 0.75 inch.
Base: approx. 4.4 inches.
Top: approx. 3.5 inch.
Material: Metal.
Clean with a soft, dry cloth.
Flowers, candles and other decorations are not included.