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26 in Clear Round Acrylic Floral Hoop Standing Wreath Ring Centerpiece

$35.99 $50.89

This simple yet attractive acrylic standing hoop is versatile and easy to match with other party or home decorations. Featuring high-quality acrylic with an elegant finish, this floral hoop will create a modern minimalist decor in an instant. Accent this centerpiece set with your green plants or gorgeous flowers or garlands and then place it atop your tables or anywhere you would like to add a magical refreshing touch. The styling possibilities are endless!

Each order is for one (1) standing acrylic hoop with a bag of tools.
3 acrylic poles, 1 rectangular base. The tool bag contains 16 screws and 1 screwdriver.
Total height: approx. 26 inches.
Total width: approx. 24 inches.
Hoop diameter: approx. 24 inches.
Base size: approx. 12 inches long x 8 inches wide x 0.5 inch tall.
Individual pole size: approx. 20 inches long x 1 inch wide.
Material: Acrylic.
Requires small assembly.
This acrylic hoop is shipped with a thin film covering. Please remove it before use.
Flowers, candles, greenery and other decorations are not included.