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25 feet Warm White 28 Incandescent Bulbs String Lights Garland

$17.99 $25.69

Brighten any space with these glowing 25 ft long incandescent bulbs string lights! Featuring connectable plastic strands with glass light bulbs, this string lights garland will create a dramatic display or enchanting decorations for your outdoor parties, weddings, events or any special occasions. Portable and waterproof, you can set these lights up fast and easy anywhere you like to add a fancy touch of light. This incandescent string lights set will not only add fun to your celebration but will also provide a unique atmosphere for your home. Hang it from trees or simply use it to light up your terrace, garden, backyard, porch or anywhere you like. The perfect lights to bring a magical ambiance and create romantic evenings around your living space.

Each order is for 1 string light garland.
Each garland comes with 28 G40 incandescent light bulbs.
Length: approx. 25 feet.
Bulb size: approx. 2.25 inches tall x 1.5 inch wide.
Distance between bulbs: approx. 12 inches.
Power source: 120V power plug.
IP44 waterproof.
2-prong plug and a connector for each light strand.
Replaceable bulbs.
Material: Plastic and glass.
To avoid breaking, it is best to install the strands first to your desired location before placing the bulbs into the sockets.
Other decorations are not included.