Balsa Circle

24 Warm White 11W Incandescent S14 String Light Bulbs

$19.99 $28.49

Brighten any space with these glowing incandescent string light bulbs! This set of light bulbs will allow you to create a dramatic display or enchanting decorations for your outdoor parties, weddings, events or any special occasions. These incandescent light bulbs will not only add fun to your celebration but will also provide a unique atmosphere for your home. Hang them from trees or simply use them to light up your terrace, garden, backyard, porch or anywhere you like. The perfect lights to bring a magical ambiance and create romantic evenings around your living space.

Each order is for twenty four (24) light bulbs with 1 extra replacement.
Length: approx. 3.25 inches.
Width: approx. 1.75 inch.
11 Watts.
S14 Incandescent bulb.
Material: Glass.
String and other decorations are not included.