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20 Disposable Clear and White Plastic Dinner and Salad Plates with Gold Geometric Design

$10.99 $15.89

Entertainment just got easier. Serve your guests using these exquisite plates and let your great food speak for itself! These high-quality plastic plates with a gold geometric design make any dinner or lunch look professional. A great choice for fine dining occasions, weddings, holiday dinners, bridal or baby showers, receptions, birthday parties and more.

Each order is for twenty (20) plastic plates.
Dinner plate size: approx. 9 inches wide and 0.75 inch tall.
Inner diameter: approx. 7 inches wide and 0.5 deep.
Salad plate size: approx. 7 inches wide and 0.5 inch tall.
Inner diameter: approx. 5 inches wide and 0.5 deep.
Plate thickness: approx. 2mm.
Material: Plastic.
Cutlery, chargers and other decorations are not included.