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2 White 50x24 in Inflatable Serving Trays Party Beverage Coolers

$12.99 $18.69

These inflatable drinks coolers are a great way to celebrate your next indoor or outdoor gatherings as they provide both functionality and style. Shaped like a giant serving tray, these multipurpose inflatable coolers will not only keep your soda, wine, beer or any party beverages chilled but will also make a perfect decorative accent to bring life to your BBQ, pool parties, summer get-togethers, birthdays, or even to a day in the backyard. No more running back and forth to the fridge! Simply blow them up, put some ice and display and keep your party drinks cool. Easily deflate, store and use it again for your next fun celebration!

Each order is for two (2) inflatable serving tray drink coolers.
Height: approx. 5 inches.
Width: approx. 24 inches.
Length: approx. 50 inches.
Inner size: approx. 42 inches long x 15 inches wide.
Depth: approx. 6 inches.
Air valve on the side of the serving trays. Auto seal so air will no come out after removing the pump from the valve.
Material: PVC.
Drinks and other decorations are not included.