Balsa Circle

2 Stainless Steel 12 in Globe Gazing Reflective Mirror Ball

$66.99 $94.29

Create a dazzling accent for your event decoration with these gazing mirror balls! These eye-catching stainless steel reflective mirror balls will add sophistication to your space. Use them as an ornament for your garden, home, or office, or as captivating, decorative pieces for your tables at holiday dinners, weddings, parties, or any special gatherings. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, these mirror balls will bring a modern charm and timeless elegance to your overall decor. The possibilities are endless!

Each order is for two (2) mirror balls.
Diameter: approx. 11.5 inches.
Material: Stainless steel.
Comes with a 1x 5M fish wire.
Dinnerware, flowers, centerpieces and other decorations are not included.