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2 pcs 14 in Green Natural Moss Wreaths with Twigs Home Party Decorations

$15.99 $22.89


Perfect for accenting your green home, these natural moss wreaths with twigs and a unique natural texture will lend a touch of woodland style to your walls, windows, doors or even to your party chairs and tables. Attach them to your chairs, or put them on a wood slice with your small decorations to create a perfect table centerpiece for your wedding, party, events or to compliment any room in your home. Celebrate in style and add a lively vibe on your special occasions!

Each order is for two (2) moss wreaths.
Outer diameter: approx. 14 inches wide.
Inner diameter: approx. 8 inches wide.
Wreath thickness: approx. 3 inches.
Material: Natural preserved moss and twigs.
Other decorations are not included.