Balsa Circle

2 pcs 10.5 in long Brown Natural Rectangle Wood Plaques Hanging Signs

$10.49 $15.19

These wood signs will make perfect and easy craft hanging decorations for your special day! Whether for events or your own home decor, the stylish and rustic natural finish of these wood plaques will truly impress your guests. Create DIY boards for your home doors, write your romantic quotes, names and more! Hang them anywhere you like and express your style with these charming accent pieces.

Each order is for two (2) wood signs.
Length: approx. 10.5 inches.
Width: approx. 3-4 inches.
Wood thickness: approx. 1 inch.
Hanging length: approx. 8.5 inches.
Twine thickness: approx. 1mm.
Each wood has smooth surfaces and small holes for hanging.
One surface is painted white.
Comes with natural twines.
Material: Wood and natural twine.
Other decorations or chalk are not included.