Balsa Circle

19 feet Balloon White Arch Stand Kit

$46.99 $66.29


Easily create a wonderful arch for special occasions or events with arch stand kit from Balsa Circle!

Each order is for one (1) arch stand kit.
Each kit included:
2 pcs square bases (13" wide x 13" long x 6" tall).
2 pcs connector tubes (8.5" long x 2.25" diameter)
12 pcs long tubes.
Material: Plastic.
For stabilization, square bases should be filled with either water or sand.
Max size when installed is 9 ft tall and 19 ft wide.
Balloons and other decorations are not included.

Simply add latex or foil balloons from our amazing range of party balloons in the colors and style that complements your party theme to create an enchanting spectacle all your guests will enjoy.

See how to easily put this stand together on our blog!