Balsa Circle

16x72 in Metallic Wire String Woven Table Runner

$9.99 $14.49


Add visual interest to your event and accessorize your tables with this high quality modern metallic woven wire string table runner. Wrapped in foil and with a full open mesh look, this table runner is an easy way to elevate the look of your tabletop for formal or casual meals, dinner parties, weddings or any special events. A perfect and stylish backdrop for your dinnerware and centerpieces!

Each order is for one (1) table runner.
Length: approx. 72 inches.
Width: approx. 16 inches.
String thickness: approx. 2mm.
Material: Metal and foil.
Strings are foil wrapped.
Lightweight, reversible and reusable.
Openings can be shaped to easily pair with other table decors.
Easily cut to your desired size.
Simply clean with a damp cloth.
Centerpieces, tableware and other decorations are not included.