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16 feet long Clear Balloon Strip Wedding Arch Decorations Tool

$1.79 $3.01

Impress your guests at your next event by creating wonderful balloon arch decorations! This balloon strip will let you easily arrange your balloons into eye-catching backdrops, garlands and arches. Perfect for weddings, birthdays, parties or any special occasions. Let your balloon display be the focal point at your celebration!

Each order is for one (1) balloon decorating strip.
Length: approx. 16 feet.
Width: approx. 0.63 inch.
Distance between holes: approx. 1 inch.
Balloon strip: approx. 16.5 ft x 0.63 inch wide.
Capacity: Can hold up to approx. 120 balloons.
Material: Plastic.
Other decorations are not included.