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13 in tall 3 Tier Plastic Cupcake Holder Round Dessert Stand with Hearts Trim

$7.99 $11.69

Celebrate your day with something that is both decorative and functional! This plastic cupcake holders stand will make a stylish dessert display for your weddings, birthdays, parties or any special gatherings. With 3 wavy edge round trays to fill with cupcakes, muffins or any sweet treats, this heart trimmed display stand will elevate the look of your dessert tables. Pair with flowers arrangements and backdrops for an outstanding dessert table decoration. Great for birthdays, weddings, parties or any special gatherings.

Each order is for one (1) cupcake stand.
Height: approx. 13 inches.
Width: approx. 10.75 inches.
Bottom tray: approx. 10.75 inches wide.
Middle tray: approx. 8.75 inches wide.
Top tray size: approx. 7 inches wide.
Distance between trays: approx. 4 inches.
Tray center hole diameter: approx. 0.25 inch.
Material: Plastic.
Metallic connector with a top handle for easy carrying and handling.
Requires a small assembly.
Shipped with a bag of tools containing 3 stand connectors and 1 nail.
Cupcakes, desserts and other decorations are not included.