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120 Balloons Green White Jade Clear Wedding Garland Arch Decorations Tools Kit Set

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Impress your guests at your next event by creating wonderful balloon arch decorations! This set of colorful balloons and garland decorating tools will let you easily arrange your balloons into eye-catching backdrops, garlands and arches. Perfect for weddings, birthdays, parties or any special occasions. Add a pop of color to your party set up and let your balloon displays be the focal point at your celebration!

Each order is for one hundred twenty (120) balloons with garland kit set.
Total of 1 balloon tie, 100 balloon glue dots, 1 balloon strip, 16.4 ft of clear plastic chain and assembly instructions.
Large balloons size: approx. 12 inches wide.
Small balloons size: approx. 5 inches wide.
10 mint Green, 10 dark green, 15 jade, 10 white, 10 Clear with Silver Foil Confetti balloons in 12" wide balloon packs.
15 lime green, 10 mint green, 20 drak green, 20 white balloons in 5" wide balloon packs.
Material: Latex and plastic.
Other decorations are not included.

Make Your Balloon Garland
Insert balloon lips into the plastic decorating chain holes.
Secure balloons by pulling the knots gently through the holes.
Depending on your style, you may want to alternate colors and sizes when attaching balloons to the decorating chain or skip holes when necessary.
Do not worry about the gaps between balloons as they can be easily filled using balloon glue dots.
A long piece of ribbon can be tied to an empty hole at each end of the decorating chain
Your garland is ready! Choose the perfect space and then hang it against a wall or from the ceiling.