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12 Clear 6 oz Disposable Flutes Glittered Plastic Champagne Glasses with Gold Trim

$4.99 $7.49

Celebrate your special day with these sparkling champagne flutes! Use these glittered plastic champagne glasses for birthday punch or for an event toast - the flutes hold 6 oz of champagne. These disposable champagne flutes have a detachable base making them easy to assemble and store. A great way to serve your drinks for weddings, birthday parties and events.

Each order is for twelve (12) champagne glasses.
Height: approx. 6.25 inches.
Width: approx. 2 inches.
Base width: approx. 2.25 inches.
Capacity: 6 oz per glass.
Material: Plastic.
The base is detachable.
PLEASE NOTE: These glasses are NOT dishwasher or microwave safe.
Napkins, plates and other decorations are not included.