Balsa Circle

10 pcs Balloons Clear Column Stand Sticks Holders

$4.99 $7.49

Easily create a wonderful balloons display for special occasions or events with balloon sticks holders from Balsa Circle! Simply add latex, foil or LED balloons from our amazing range of party balloons in the colors and style that complement your party theme to create an enchanting decorations all your guests will enjoy. Sticks with balloons could be placed inside mini boxes, cups, holders or other mini containers filled with styrofoam, marbles or river rocks for more stability.

Each order is for ten (10) balloon sticks.
Each order is for 10 clear plastic cup holders + 10 connectors + 20 tubes.
2 tubes could be easily connected with included connectors into 30" long stick.
Each tube is approx. 15.5" long and 0.25" wide.
If different height is needed, sticks could be easily cut.
Each connector is approx. 2" long.
Each cup holder is approx. 2" tall and 2" wide.
Knot balloons, fit the knot through the cup holders slits, and fit them over balloon sticks.
Material: Plastic.
Balloons, cups and other decorations are not included.