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4 Rectangle Plexiglass Sheets DIY Acrylic Sign Boards

$32.99 $47.19

Transform any space into a living work of art and open up a world of creative options with these multipurpose plexiglass acrylic sheets. Created with outstanding visual clarity, clear plexiglass sheets will be the perfect material for your crafting projects, interior designing, business signage, party decorations or anything you can think of. Lightweight, durable, flexible and safe to use, these acrylic sheets are a smart choice for Do-It-Yourself hobbyists who are looking for a practical alternative to glass. Simply cut, bend, and form into any shapes to create your DIY photo frames, see-through cubes or display cases, shelves and more. Easily drill to make your personalized hanging decor, wall accents and signboards for your parties, weddings events or even for your home. The possibilities are endless!

Each order is for four (4) plexiglass sheets.
Extra large sheet: approx. 39.50 inches tall x 12.25 inches wide.
Large sheet: approx. 31.50 inches tall x 11 inches wide.
Medium sheet: approx. 23.75 inches tall x 9.75 inches wide.
Small sheet: approx. 15.75 inches tall x 8.75 inches wide.
Thickness: approx. 3mm.
Total of 20 plexiglass sheets with 20x 3M double-sized tape.
Material: Acrylic.
These sheets are shipped with a protective film to avoid scratches during transit. Simply remove before using.
Markers and other decorations are not included.