Balsa Circle

3 Round Dots Paper Garlands

$3.29 $5.11


Decorate and dress up any space in an instant with these cute and stylish round paper garlands! Use them to accent your arch, create an eye-catching backdrop or put on your dining room table as a design or on your mantle as a swag. Great for weddings, birthday parties, events and holidays or for your kids room decorations long after the party is over.

Each order is for three (3) paper garlands.
Measurements per each garland:
Length: approx. 82 inches.
Circles quantity: 22.
Circles diameter: approx. 2 inches.
Distance between circles: approx. 2 inches.
Double-sided color.
4 extra strings on each end.
Materials: Paper, cardstock and strings.
Strings are pre-attached.
Other decorations are not included.